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Maple Studio

ChromePlus is a browser developed by Maple Studio. It is based on Chromium, the open-source browser Google's Chrome is also based on. As with any open-source software application, anyone can get the code and improve it as much as they want. This is exactly what happened with this new browser - the guys at Maple Studio were not happy enough with the features Chrome comes with, so they decided to improve it a little bit, and the result was ChromePlus.

This browser looks fairly similar to the basic Chrome. However, when you open the tool menu you will see a startling difference - there are plenty more options, including an enhanced options menu that you can use to configure ChromePlus to your liking. It includes an Internet Explorer tab devoted to pages optimized for that MS browser, as well as a download manager, which you can use to pause and start any downloading task you want to perform. There is also an expanded bookmark section, and two new browsing features: Super Drag, and Mouse Gestures. The former will let you drag and drop links anywhere in the page, while the latter will allow you to create new navigation movements with your mouse.

There were some issues with ChromePlus - the application simply froze when I tried using an IE Tab. Other than that, this tool proved to be a great browser.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Works just like Chrome
  • Has very exciting new features


  • Some crashes occurred
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